So that your partner search to be successful

Who really looking for a partner, will find his/her partner on our site.

Read our tipps ,therewith your partnersearch will be successful:

  1. Search, not let search:

    We recommend to write messages to other members and not to wait for a messages. Through the high number of registrations, your ad drops off rapidly in the galeries and can be easily overlooked. Write to many members, and so build up your contacts.

    Recipe for success: Write other members, because if everybody wait for messages, nobody can receive a messages

  2. Answer messages:

    Please answer each message you receive, even if you have no interest, can you answer this in two or three words.

    Also, you would like to get an answer to your messages, right ?

  3. Go online and check your mailbox regularly

    Only thus is set at each login your photo in the gallery last active on top again. Who often go online, will be able to secure a good placing in the galeries. You also get more hits on your own personal.

    So check back regularly because you get more messages !

  4. Good pictures !

    You should definitely upload good pictures. Use your complete photo album for photos. Your photos should be of good quality and only show you, no landscapes or your house, car, etc. Our statistics show that ads with bad and blurry photos have not many visitors.

    You would not click on an contact ad with bad photos, right?

  5. When you receive messages

    and can not read them, but the member is appealing to you, you should not hesitate to increase your status. Our memberships are really affordable, and absolutely fair. Many members have gone that way already and have thus become successful.

    Here you can buy points to increase your status.

If you heed these points, you will have no problems to find your perfect match.

We wish you much success.

Your MABO Team

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