Terms of use

Asian-PV is operated by MABO Internet Marketing and is a service for men and Asian women who are looking for a partner for marriage or friendship. The standard membership at Asian-PV is completely free of charge.

General terms and conditions & user conditions:

(1) You must be at least 18 years old to use this service. The user is solely responsible for the content of his registration and thus for the information that he provides about himself.

(2) The user undertakes to observe the respective applicable laws when registering or using the dating portal.

(3) The user affirms that the data stated is truthful and describes him/her personally. The parties to the contract acknowledge that the owner has the right to check the accuracy of the data, if necessary.

(4) The user undertakes to indemnify the operator in cases of lawsuits, damages, losses or allowances of all sorts, which could arise due to his registration and participation in this service to the extent that the damage was not caused by the intentional conduct or negligence of the operator or its statutory representatives or vicarious agents. The User shall be especially obliged to indemnify the Operator from any liabilities and from all obligations, expenses and claims arising from damages caused by defamation, insults, violation of personal privacy rights, breakdown of services for other Users, violation of immaterial goods or other rights.

(5) The user undertakes to not act with fraudulent intent, and to not intentionally claim the data of third parties (including the e-mail address) is his own.

(6) The user undertakes to treat e-mails and other messages confidentially and to not grant third parties access to these without the explicit consent of their originator. The same applies for names, telephone and fax numbers, residential, e-mail addresses and/or URLs.

(7) Further the user agrees not to misuse the service and especially:

1) not to pass on logins and personal passwords to third parties or to use them together with third parties.

2) not to name any address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses or other contact data of messenger services or other Internet services in their personal description (profile).

3) not to use it to threaten, annoy, or breach the rights (including personal rights) of third parties.

4) not to distribute defamatory, offensive or in any other way unlawful material or similar kinds of information via the service.

5) not to upload any data that contains a virus. Not to upload any data or other material that is copyright protected unless the user has the rights to this or the necessary authorisation to do this.

6) not to advertise for other Internet portals.

7) The user affirms that he is not pursuing any commercial and/or business interests in connection with his membership. He undertakes to not use the dating portal commercially or for business.

8) The user undertakes to refrain from advertising commercial offers in any form to other users of the service or other users and not to send any messages that serve a commercial purpose.

9) not to send any chain letters.

10) In the case of a free standard membership you undertake not to send any e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, messenger identity numbers or addresses in your message to other standard members.

11) If a member requests that you stop communicating with him/her, you shall undertake not to write to, or annoy, this member again.

12) You shall undertake not to make any money claims to other members.

Contact guarantee:

For a premium membership (silver or gold) of three months or more you receive a contact guarantee from us:

We guarantee a minimum number of contacts to our premium members (for a membership of 3 months upwards). If these contacts should not materialise you will receive a free extension of your membership amounting to the period of time purchased.

Each mail that is received from another user in the form of a message written by the person themselves or a message stating their interest that is sent will be deemed a contact.

We can only provide a contact guarantee,

* if you purchase at least a 3 month membership and send at least 4 messages yourself each month.
* if you have filled in your profile completely and sensibly
* if you have included at least 3 photographs
* if you regularly log into your profile. (at least once per week)

We provide a guarantee for the following terms

*  3 months at least 5 contacts
*  6 months at least 10 contacts
* 12 months at least 20 contacts

If you do not achieve the promised number of contacts during these terms send us an e-mail, after this check we will be happy to extend your membership free of charge by the period of time purchased.


A standard membership is always free of charge and as a standard member you can also easily read messages from gold or silver members and send messages to all members (standard, silver, gold).

The following are our costs for our premium offers:


 1 month silver  
€ 27.99
 3 months silver  
€ 55.99
 6 months silver  
€ 89.99
12 months silver  
€ 99.99
 1 month gold  
€ 32.99
 3 months gold  
€ 65.99
 6 months gold  
€ 109.99
12 months gold  
€ 119.99
All the prices include the legal rate of VAT.


1. Asian-PV is not liable for contents and information which were stated by users or members and which were transmitted via our service.

2. Asian-PV is not liable for damages which result from the use of this service. As a user and member you recognise that you bear and shall pay for any risk, loss or damage which can result from the use of this service.

3. Asian-PV draws your attention to the fact that risks exist when you contact other Internet users, especially if these persons are in another country. There is the risk that persons act under a false pretence or with criminal intent.

4. It is very difficult to identify a user via the Internet, therefore we cannot confirm that every member or user is the person they claim to be. Please be careful if you get in contact with other users.


We only place photographs online on which you and your face can be recognised. Blurred photographs or photographs on which you are not visible shall be deleted without stating the reasons for this. In addition we reserve the right to edit photos and cut out items which do not relate to you.


Asian-PV is the owner and is operated by MABO Internet Marketing

Our address:

MABO Internet Marketing
Martin Bode
Am Brölbahnhof 2
51545 Waldbröl

Place of jurisdiction:

By registering as a member you accept the general terms and conditions which were construed according to German law. The place of jurisdiction for any actions is Germany.

Asian-PV is a German dating portal and is not liable for the correctness of the translations from other languages.

You permit Asian-PV to send electronic messages on products and services of MABO Internet Marketing to your e-mail address that you have stored with us through your registration. These messages contain a link to delete the e-mail address. Thus the user has the option at all times of having his e-mail deleted from our mailing list so you no longer make use of this service.

By registering as a member you accept that these general terms and conditions are construed according to German law. The place of jurisdiction for actions and proceedings relating to these general terms and conditions and the resulting rights is Germany.

The failure to observe one of the aforementioned obligations of conduct can lead to an immediate exclusion of the membership as well as to civil law and criminal law consequences for the user himself.